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"Release the Fuckery" Multi-Herbal Wash

$7.77 USD - $20.00 USD

All washes are created according to the most recent New or Full Moon transit:

All batches ordered:
September 28th-October 12th: created with Full Moon in Aries energy.
October 13th-October 26th: created with New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Libra energy.
October 27th-November 11th: created with Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in Taurus energy.
November 12th-November 25th: created with New Moon in Scorpio energy.
November 26th-December 10th: created with Full Moon in Gemini energy.
December 11th-December 24th: created with New Moon in Sagittarius energy.

WATER element: *Release the Fuckery* can be used as a spiritual wash/bath or for items such as floor washing, item cleansing, etc! AVAILABLE in a 12 oz glass Mason Jar. Absorb the blessings! Herbal washes are important for cleansing/clearing energies from a particular space/room. We track so many kinds of vibrations & energies indoors that impact our energy, aura, our feet and our shoes!

Use this 12oz jar of vegan friendly ingredients (brewed with New or Full Moon charged water) for helping to clear & fortify your living space against intrusion with this mixture of oils & herbal vibrations.

***Again - don't need a floor wash? "Release the Fuckery" can be added to your Spiritual bath as well for cleansing & clearing too!

***Please allow up to 5-7 business days to receive tracking for your order. I create, bless & fix these cleanses especially for YOU <3 (feel free to leave any petitions in the notes).

**ALL SALES ARE FINAL.** All current items in store by Hood Healing Hoodoo™ are created by hand with natural ingredients. Please read the "Refunds/Exchanges" link before purchasing.

*Disclaimer: By Law, I am required to state that all items are Curios & for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of these products or services (healing or otherwise) are meant to replace professional or medical treatment or advice.

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