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I am Nefertiti, & I represent the element of Earth. I was born, raised & lived most of my life on Anishinaabe (Detroit, MI) land, but am now currently residing on Lenape (Philadelphia, PA) land.

My intuition is my strength, which I also utilize for my +++energy work readings. I support clients in their power through my creations (that are infused with empowering energy & blessed individually to help tap into their OWN Ase ({power}) . If you would like to book a Tarot Card reading, please CLICK HERE.

I offer Deathcare Services (Grief Support, Green Burial Planning, Home Funeral Guiding & Cosmic Obituary Readings), which you can view and book by clicking HERE, Green Burial and Home Funeral planning. Let me support you in making your last offering to Earth both Ancestral & Respectful.

As a Hoodoo, I love, appreciate, honor and work with the ELEMENTS: Earth 🌍 (self), Air 💨, Fire 🔥 & Water 🌊. Please click HERE to see my Shop to tap into how we can connect with these elements. -Creatress Nefertiti

PLEASE NOTE: Although I am a Hoodoo practitioner & I create/fix products for clients; I do NOT offer personal rootwork, spellwork, classes or courses in regards to the Hoodoo practice. Please respect my boundaries on this.

+Empathy & Intuition: since BIRTH (just like you 😉).
+Intuitive Tarot Reader for over 5+ years (self-"taught").
+End of Life/Death Doula Graduate from Going with Grace (2022).
+Levels 1-3 Grief Literacy Training: with Being Here, Human (2022).
+Grief Immersion Certified: with Inviting Abundance (2022).
+Completed Business Development Residency in Deathcare with PAUSE (2022).
+National End-of-Life Doula Alliance member.
+National Home Funeral Alliance member.
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