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Nefertiti's Pure Natural Rose Water

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Your Pure Natural Rose Water with Witch Hazel comes in a (2 oz) bottle and is derived by the use of real rose petals. Your rose water can be used as a facial spray (i.e., as a make-up finisher), for your hair (helps to stabilize pH, acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps with smoothness and can lessen dandruff) or use as a body mist/spray to help create a calming effect. Rose Water also enhances moods, helps relieve nervous tension and improves skin smoothness.

Within each bottle: you will find a natural & organic blend of 100% vegan based ingredients (including Witch Hazel) that are used to bring vibrance to, hydrate & refresh skin throughout the day. All Hood Healing Hoodoo rosewater blends have been Reiki charged with lots of light, love & energy during peak hours of the Moon's energy!

**ALL SALES ARE FINAL.** All current items in store by Hood Healing Hoodoo™ are created by hand with natural ingredients. Please read the "Refunds/Exchanges" link below for more information.

Disclaimer: other crystals or items seen in photo(s) do NOT come with purchase. By Law, I am required to state that all items are Curios & for entertainment purposes ONLY. None of these products or services (healing or otherwise) are meant to replace professional or medical treatment or advice.

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